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June 2015

Pan Am Path

If you go biking on some trails in Toronto, you can already see this sign: Pan Am Path. It’s a multi-use path that connect trails in the GTA, as a legacy of the 2015 Pan American Games and Parapan American Games, that will start next month here in the city. The path is about 80 kilometers, connecting Toronto neighborhoods, according to Wikipedia. I’ve only seen the sign on the Don River Trail, because it’s where I usually go biking. But it actually starts from West near Claireville Reservoir, following the Humber Valley Trail southward along the Humber River to Lake Ontario. From there, the trail turns eastward and follows the Martin Goodman Trail through DT.  Continue reading “Pan Am Path”


Sunnybrook Park

Another nice place to go biking is the Sunnybrook Park. It’s quite a big park, with some bike trails, dog parks and even a horse stable, because the park used to be a farm (at least, it’s what I read on Wikipedia). Taking the Don River Trail up North, you go biking into different small parks until you get to Sunnybrook. All those parks get very busy during the weekends, with families playing games, doing picnics or just enjoying a nice day out. So for biking, it’s better to go during the week, if you can. Continue reading “Sunnybrook Park”

Happy Father’s Day

It was supposed to be a cloudy and rainy day, but here I am with my AC turned on and looking to a beautiful sunny afternoon from my window. A perfect weather to go biking, but mine is at Cycle Solution, cause it had a flat tire (the back one this time). I’ll pick it up tomorrow, thankfully.

So, today is Father’s Day here in Canada. In Brazil, we celebrate in the second Sunday of August. But no matter what day it is, the important is to share moments with our father. I love mine more than he knows, and he has a major influence on who I am, my values and the person I wanna be. So I’m gonna make this special post for him here, because he was the man who gave me my first bike and taught me how to ride.

My father used to take me and my brother to go biking at the campus of the University of São Paulo, in Brazil, during the weekend, and I cherish this memories a lot. Unfortunately, I don’t have any picture of that time here with me. So I’ll just post this video I’d found on YouTube. It’s silly and for kids, but I thought the cartoon actually looks like my father, with the mustache and everything. Happy Father’s Day!

Biking in Toronto

I’d just seen this video on YouTube and loved it! It perfectly describes how good is biking in Toronto and what can be done to improve the life of bikers. Take a look and leave a like if you enjoyed it!

Toronto, along the 501 Streetcar Route – The Beach

If you read my post about biking to the Beaches, you’d definitely like this post of Travel Mammal.

Biking to The Beaches

It’s only 4 days for Summer, so it’s the best time to go biking to The Beaches, on the Lake Ontario! It’s definitely one of my favorite places in Toronto (I’m Brazilian, so you can imagine why). If you wanna go there from DT, you can take the Don River Trail to the South, and then take the bike path on the Lake Shore to the East. Just turn right when you get to the Ashbridge’s Bay Park and follow the trail along The Beaches.  Continue reading “Biking to The Beaches”

An afternoon at the Allan Gardens

Yesterday I had to take my bike to get the tire fixed. It’s a new tire, and it was getting flat all the time, so I took it to Cycle Solutions, at Parliament St. On my way back, I made a stop at the Allan Gardens. For myself, it’s not actually a bike tour, because it’s very close to my place. But if you don’t live in DT, it’s definitely a nice place to go on your bike. The park is not the main attraction, although it’s a good place to read a book or take your dog, as it has an off-leash dog space. But the highlight it’s the Allan Gardens Conservatory, a greenhouse that contains tropical plants from all over the world. Continue reading “An afternoon at the Allan Gardens”

Healthy snack after biking

If you’re biking around DT or if you live in the neighborhood, a nice place to stop for a healthy snack is FUEL+. The menu there is amazing, and everything is vegan – I’m allergic to dairy, so for me is awesome, cause is really hard to find good choices of protein smoothies without dairy or whey protein. My favorite one is the Peanut Butter Banana Vanilla. I’d even tried to do it home, but it’s not the same. Continue reading “Healthy snack after biking”

High Park

High Park is the largest public park in Toronto, and a great place to go biking. There’s a lot of activities going on there, so it’s pretty busy – specially during the weekends. If you live in Downtown, like I do, just go biking on Bloor Street West, it’s about 5 km until the main entrance of the park. Once you get there, I recommend going to the Waterfront, int the Grenadier Pond. It’s very peaceful there and just relax and recover your energies after biking. Continue reading “High Park”

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