It sounded weird to me when I heard that people in Toronto go to Mount Pleasant Cemetery for jogging or biking. I’ve never had this tradition of going to visit the ones who had left us at the cemetery, so I hardly ever go, even when I’m visiting a different city and the guide say the local cemetery is highlight place to go. Anyway, I decided to go biking to Mount Pleasant to see what was that about. And I can say that I was very surprised, in a good way. First of all, by the number or bikers over there. Secondly, by the beauty of the place.

It’s weird to say that, but it’s a very calm place to go biking. You can enjoy a good bike ride, just admiring the view and, of course, respecting the place. When I was taking pictures, I made sure I was just photographing the location, not any specific crypt, memorial or offerings, to not be disrespectful. I saw some pictures of the Cemetery online, and it’s beautiful too in the Spring and Fall, so I’d definitely go back in another season.