If you’re looking for a place to escape Toronto without living the city, you should go to Glen Stewart Ravine. Located in the Beaches neighborhood, the Glen Stewart is an 11 hectare ravine with a wide diversity of plant and a forest dominated by red oak and red maple – which means that if you wanna see fall foliage, it’s definitely an amazing spot for it.  Although I went biking there, which is pretty easy if you live in DT, Glen Stewart Ravine is not so bike-friendly, unless you have a mountain bike for the trails. But I would totally recommend to dismount your bike and go for a nice walk there. The walking trail cuts through the heart of the park, and makes you feel like you’re completely out of town.

From DT, there are several ways to get to Glen Stewart. I took Bloor/Danforth Avenue, turned right on Main Street, then left on Kingston Road. For this entrance of the park, there’s a wooden stairway that might be challenging, especially carrying your bike, so another option is to take Queen Street East or Dundas Street East, and get to the ravine by another entrance (at Glen Manor Drive). On my way back, I took Queen Street East, because I find that part of the city extremely charming. But you can also go all the way to the Beaches and take the a different trail to get back to DT.