If you wanna check the fall foliage in Toronto and are into mountain bike rides, Crothers Woods Trail is an excellent option. Located in the Don River valley, Crothers Woods is a escape into nature without going to far from DT. It’s an amazing destination for those who enjoy a trail, especially this time of the year, with the changing leaves. However, this trail is very challenging if you don’t have a mountain bike. I don’t have one, and I found myself having to dismount my bike several times during the ride.

But the challenge was worthy. I actually didn’t know you could see such an amazing fall foliage so close to downtown Toronto, I was very surprised – in a good way, of course.

Getting there was kinda tricky. I got to the trail at Bayview Avenue, around Evergreen Brick Works, but I don’t know yet if there’s a better way to get there, maybe taking the Lower Don River Trail until Pottery Road, then take the trail a little bit ahead. I will try this next time, for sure. The trail leads to Crothers Woods, a 52-hectare mature maple-beech-oak woodland. It’s hard to describe how beautiful this trail is, even with pictures. I’d tried to take as many pics as I could, but I definitely recommend to go there and see the foliage. It’s breath taking!