I definitely can’t get enough of biking to see the fall foliage here in Toronto and discover amazing places I didn’t know yet. So today I decided to enjoy the nice weather and go biking on the Beltline Trail (one of the top 5 fall bikes in Toronto, according to BlogTO) to get to Moore Park Ravine. It’s actually the trail that a lot of people use to go to Evergreen Brick Works, as I’d found out later, or to just take a walk with the dog.

To get there, it’s very easy: you can take the trail at Craigleigh Gardens, if you’re around downtown, and go east. You’re gonna get close to Bayview Avenue, but you’re just gonna bike around it, going north on the direction of Evergreen Brick Works. And it’s just after that the trail gets even more breathtaking. Although it’s not a long trail, it’s definitely worthy to go see the foliage. Today the trail was a little wet, so I had to be careful. By the way, check some tips to go biking in the fall before you go there. It will surely help.