Considering that’s already November, it’s quite warm here in Toronto this week. So I went biking again at the Beltline Trail, but this time heading to David A. Balfour Park (last time I headed to Moore Ravine Park). You can still see the fall foliage on both trails, so it was a beautiful bike ride. I’d recently discovered about the Beltline Trail, to be honest. I wish I knew it before. It’s a 9 km cycling and walking rail trail here in Toronto, and has three sections: the York Beltine Trail, the Kay Gardner Beltline Park and the Ravine Beltline Trail.

After taking the Beltline Trail, you will have to cross Mount Pleasant Road to get to David A. Balfour Park. It was quite a surprise for me to go biking at this park, it’s amazingly beautiful, but there were almost no one there (okay, it was a Wednesday afternoon, but even though, there were a lot of people walking on the Beltline Trail). There are 12 bike trails on the park, and plenty of nice hidden places that you can go if you have a mountain bike. So many good places to go biking here in Toronto!