So it’s already late November, and the weather is still nice to go biking! Last year, I remember it was already snowing in Toronto by now. Hope this means a mild winter, so I can continue doing my bike rides. Yesterday I went biking at the Kay Gardner Beltline Trail. As I said in a previous post, the Beltline Trail is a 9 km cycling and walking rail trail here in Toronto, with three sections: the York Beltline Trail, west of Allen Road; the Ravine Beltline Trail, south of Mount Pleasant Cemetery through the Moore Park Ravine, and the Kay Gardner Beltline Park.

To get to the Kay Gardner Beltline, I went biking through the Moore Park Ravine. It was not so beautiful as it was in middle October, with the fall foliage, and the trail was wet in several parts, but it’s a nice bike ride anyways. After the Ravine, you can go biking at the Mount Pleasant Cemetery, or take the Mount Pleasant Road. There’s a small entrance at the Cemetery to get to the trail. It’s a residential area around there, and during most of the ride, but it feels you’re not actually in the city. There were not so many bikers yesterday at the trail, it was more people jogging or walking with their dogs. And since it’s a shared trail, you need to be very careful.

Another note: the trail is full of foliage, which makes biking there more challenging. I got a flat tire on my way back, probably because I didn’t see something hidden in the foliage, or because I forgot to check my tires pressure before I went biking. Anyways, if you wanna avoid that, check a few tips to go biking during fall here.