Today I decided to go back to Scarborough Bluffs, since the last time I was there it was overcast and I didn’t get to go biking all the way to the beach – because I was too tired of my bike ride from downtown to there. So I “cheated” a little bit, and took the subway from Sherbourne to Kennedy Station, which is not far from the bluffs. It was a wise decision, because I could explore the area without being so tired, specially in a hot day like today (around 32 degrees).

Once you get to Kennedy Station, you just have to take Eglinton Avenue East until Brimley Road and turn right, to the south. This road will take you straight to the bluffs. Going there is pretty easy, because you just need to bike down the hill. Just remember you need to bike back! Most people go there with a car, either to go the marine or to enjoy the beach. It was quite busy today, a lot of teens enjoying the summer vacations. I went biking a little bit around the area, ate a snack and refilled my water bottle, because the ride back would not be easy – and it was definitely not! But it was worthy for the great view and the pics I took of the bluffs.

If you want to check my pictures from the last time I was there, just click here.