I remember writing in another post that one of the things I love the most about Toronto is that you can find amazing hidden places in the city to go biking. David Balfour Trail is definitely one of them. I had to go to St. Claire Station today, so I’d decided to go biking there and then come back by the trail. I did this path once, last fall, but starting at the Beltline Trail. This time, I started at St. Claire Avenue East, taking the trail for walking, actually, which I don’t recommend. There are too many stairs and part of the trail you can just bike if you have a mountain bike. But you can start taking the entrance at Avoca Avenue (going eastbound, it’s the first street on your right after Yonge).

The ride is definitely not long, it’s quite short actually. But it’s amazing to bike in such a green area so close to downtown. After getting to the end of the trail, you can continue on the Beltline Trail, all the way to Moore Park Ravine or even take Mount Pleasant Road to the Mount Pleasant Cemetery. They are both great rides!