This year I didn’t bike so much as I wanted, specially during my favorite season of the year, the Fall. I might be wrong, but I remember that the fall foliage last year was more beautiful and lasted longer than this one. The weather is acting crazy too, we are having double digits temperatures in November, and I’m not sure if I should be happy for that or scared. Anyways, I went biking yesterday to Taylor Creek Park, taking the Don River Trail. Part of the trail, between Riverdale Park and Pottery Rd., is under construction, so during the week you need to take a detour via Broadview Ave. I did that once, and it’s a long detour, so I was actually avoiding taking that trail. However, on the weekends, when the construction site is closed, there’s a hidden path just after Riverdale Bridge that you can take and the continue biking until Pottery Rd.

While I was biking on the Don River Trail, one of the best places to see the change of colors, I thought to myself that I had waited to long to go on this trail during fall, because now almost all the leaves had already fallen. It’s still gorgeous, but the perfect timing to see the fall foliage is definitely October, not mid-November.

Taylor Creek Park is still one of my favorites places to go biking in Toronto, in any season of the year – except in the Winter, of course. There is a main trail, part of the Pam Am Path, and also a few trails for mountain biking. I didn’t take so many pics this time, but you can see more pictures of the park during fall on my last year’s blog post.