I moved to Toronto in January, 2014. It was one of the worse winters in Canada, and for me it was a struggle to survive in this new country with temperatures below -20. I knew what was ahead of me before coming here, but being in this bitter cold weather is completely different. But Spring finally arose, a little bit late, in the beginning of May, followed by the Summer. And with it, I could buy my first bike here in Toronto.

I couldn’t afford a new bike, so I searched one on Kijiji, and found the perfect one for me (and by perfect, I mean a price I could afford). The place was in Scarborough, I went there by TTC to get my bike and get back home – I didn’t adventure myself riding from Scarborough to downtown!

On the next days, I started to discover Toronto in my bike. I’d named her Victoria Beckham, the Posh Spice. And with her, I had discovered an amazing city, completely different from the one you see taking the TTC or just walking around. So I had started to taking pics of my tours and posted on Instagram with the #torontobiketours.

And then, I had the idea to create a blog with not only my pics, but telling a little bit more about my tours and giving tips to everyone who is interested in biking in Toronto. Let’s ride!