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Biking from Wilket Creek Park to Edwards Gardens

The path that connects Wilket Creek Park, in North York, to Edwards Gardens is now open after a period of rehabilitation of the park. Although there are still some signs of “under construction”, you can easily bike along the trail, until getting to Edwards Garden. I went there yesterday, as it was a holiday and the weather was amazing. But I’d definitely say it’s not a good idea to go there at holidays and weekend. There are to many people using the path for a walk, and that makes biking there quite challenging. Continue reading “Biking from Wilket Creek Park to Edwards Gardens”


Tommy Thompson Park Bike Ride

Spring has finally sprung! And this weekend was perfect for getting back to my bike rides, sunny and starting to get warm. So I decided to go to one of my favorites spots to bike here in Toronto, the Tommy Thompson Park, and write another post about it, since the last one didn’t have so many nice pics, because it was a overcast day. And going to Leslie Street Spit (as the park is also known) on a sunny day makes ALL the difference.

As you would imagine in a first real spring weather-like weekend, the park was full of people biking, going for a walk with the family, bird watching and even fishing. And also taking pictures, because the park offers an amazing view of the city’s skyline. The afternoon’s light was perfect for my photos. But I must say that if you’re planning to go there in the morning or late afternoon, take a jacket with us. Since, the park is by the lake, it gets very chilly over there.

Continue reading “Tommy Thompson Park Bike Ride”

Biking to Evergreen Brick Works

Can’t believe it’s December and I’m still biking! Last year, it was already snowing here in Toronto, and now the weather has been great so far! So this week I went biking to Evergreen Brick Works, a community environmental centre at Don Valley that works to restore the connection between Canada’s cities and the nature. It offers several activities for adults and children, depending on each season of the year, so I suggest to check what’s on at their website before going there. It has different activities for bikers too, like workshops of how to get your bike ready for winter, learn how to get your bike fixed, winter bike ride, etc. It also has a Garden Market (all days) and a Farmer’s Market (weekends only). Continue reading “Biking to Evergreen Brick Works”

Kay Gardner Beltline Trail

So it’s already late November, and the weather is still nice to go biking! Last year, I remember it was already snowing in Toronto by now. Hope this means a mild winter, so I can continue doing my bike rides. Yesterday I went biking at the Kay Gardner Beltline Trail. As I said in a previous post, the Beltline Trail is a 9 km cycling and walking rail trail here in Toronto, with three sections: the York Beltline Trail, west of Allen Road; the Ravine Beltline Trail, south of Mount Pleasant Cemetery through the Moore Park Ravine, and the Kay Gardner Beltline Park.

Continue reading “Kay Gardner Beltline Trail”

Biking at David A. Balfour Park Trail

Considering that’s already November, it’s quite warm here in Toronto this week. So I went biking again at the Beltline Trail, but this time heading to David A. Balfour Park (last time I headed to Moore Ravine Park). You can still see the fall foliage on both trails, so it was a beautiful bike ride. I’d recently discovered about the Beltline Trail, to be honest. I wish I knew it before. It’s a 9 km cycling and walking rail trail here in Toronto, and has three sections: the York Beltine Trail, the Kay Gardner Beltline Park and the Ravine Beltline Trail.

Continue reading “Biking at David A. Balfour Park Trail”

Fall Bike Ride at Taylor Creek Park

It’s already November, so it means the time to see the fall foliage is almost over here in Toronto. I was checking the forecast this morning, and it seems that we still have a few days above season. However, next weekend the one digital temperatures are back. So yesterday I went biking again to Taylor Creek Park, one of my favorites places to go biking here. It’s a completely different bike ride when you go during fall. I was actually sad because I’d seen some pics of the park lately, and now it’s not so beautiful as before – although it’s still gorgeous! So if you want to see the fall foliage, go the next days, or you might miss it. Continue reading “Fall Bike Ride at Taylor Creek Park”

Moore Park Ravine Bike Ride

I definitely can’t get enough of biking to see the fall foliage here in Toronto and discover amazing places I didn’t know yet. So today I decided to enjoy the nice weather and go biking on the Beltline Trail (one of the top 5 fall bikes in Toronto, according to BlogTO) to get to Moore Park Ravine. It’s actually the trail that a lot of people use to go to Evergreen Brick Works, as I’d found out later, or to just take a walk with the dog. Continue reading “Moore Park Ravine Bike Ride”

Biking on Crothers Woods Trail

If you wanna check the fall foliage in Toronto and are into mountain bike rides, Crothers Woods Trail is an excellent option. Located in the Don River valley, Crothers Woods is a escape into nature without going to far from DT. It’s an amazing destination for those who enjoy a trail, especially this time of the year, with the changing leaves. However, this trail is very challenging if you don’t have a mountain bike. I don’t have one, and I found myself having to dismount my bike several times during the ride.

Continue reading “Biking on Crothers Woods Trail”

Glen Stewart Ravine Bike Ride

If you’re looking for a place to escape Toronto without living the city, you should go to Glen Stewart Ravine. Located in the Beaches neighborhood, the Glen Stewart is an 11 hectare ravine with a wide diversity of plant and a forest dominated by red oak and red maple – which means that if you wanna see fall foliage, it’s definitely an amazing spot for it.  Although I went biking there, which is pretty easy if you live in DT, Glen Stewart Ravine is not so bike-friendly, unless you have a mountain bike for the trails. But I would totally recommend to dismount your bike and go for a nice walk there. The walking trail cuts through the heart of the park, and makes you feel like you’re completely out of town.

Continue reading “Glen Stewart Ravine Bike Ride”

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